​     Discover the advantages of purchasing your eyewear at a owner operated small business that has served the neighborhood for over 30 years. Our success for the last 3 decades has been built upon our desire to fulfill your individual needs by providing you with the appropriate lens and frame that will compliment you aesthetically and visually while catering to your budget.

    Choosing the right pair of glasses can be stressful for many people. At Loft our team is dedicated to allieviate your stress and make sure your visit is enjoyable. Our team will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have with knowledge and expertise you TRUST. We pride ourselves on repeat business and constant referrals from our customers. Loft has a tremendous track record of customer satisfaction. 

  We welcome you to spend time with us!! Stop in, ask questions, have a consultation with us at no cost. Let us lift your burden and guarantee you a happy ending.              

 Whether you are from park avenue or the park bench we invite you in. Let us help guide you to your perfect fit.  


Anyone looking for professional, customer centered, caring opticians - stop looking. Loft opticians are the best I have ever tried over the years. They have not only made my glasses perfect, but also my prescription. After two failed attempts to have my prescription changed by my doctor, which resulted in glasses that made me feel dizzy, uncomfortable and simply made wearing them impossible, Loft helped by actually checking what for what felt comfortable, not just what my vision was. They modified my prescription and they did an amazing job. The glasses were ready the next day!
I would not go to any other place to have your lenses made.

-Kate K., New York, NY